Warehouse Safety Tips

Topics to Discuss in Your Next Warehouse Safety Meeting

There are many dangers hiding in a warehouse and it’s imperative to make those new to warehousing aware. These dangers should be discussed regularly even with seasoned warehouse associates to keep them at the top of mind.

  1. Forklifts – A critical piece of equipment in warehousing and when operated incorrectly can cause serious damage to product, coworkers, the facility, and the operator. This is the most cited hazard in warehousing according to OSHA. Forklift training is key as well as observations. If you spot excessive speed or dangerous maneuvers, the employee should be refreshed on the dangers. A daily inspection of the forklift is recommended as well.
  2. Docks – Docks can pose a serious threat to a worker. Accidents such as workers being pinned by a forklift between the loading dock and forklift truck can result in serious or fatal injuries. Forklift operators should drive slowly at the dock and warnings should be in place to prevent workers from getting near the docks if possible.
  3. Conveyors – Workers should be protected from becoming entangled by using safeguarding equipment. Using lockout tag-out procedures is a must for maintenance and repairs.
  4. Materials Storage – The improper stacking of pallets and product is a huge danger for warehouse employees. Stacking too high, the stack not being stable, or product falling into the aisles can result in employees being hit or tripped. Heavier loads should be placed on the lower shelves and all loads should be evenly and properly positioned.
  5. Lifting Injuries – This is the most common cause of physical injuries due to improper lifting and/or handling of heavy product. Repetitiveness, overexertion, and improper form can lead musculoskeletal disorders. Proper ergonomic posture is critical.
  6. Fire Safety – Ensure all employees are aware of evacuation plans, exits, and extinguisher locations. Employees should be aware of smoking near charging stations which can result in a fire or explosion due to these being powered by gas or liquid petroleum gas.
  7. Sharp objects – PPE and safety knives are critical as warehouse workers are continually packing and unpacking and handling corrugated, metal, and plastic straps. Proper cutting techniques should be implemented and training provided.

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