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9 Warehouse Management System Must-Haves

Warehouse management systems help organizations to digitally manage their inventory or the inventory of their customers. The pandemic illuminated the shortcomings due to the reliance on outdated or inadequate systems. Investing into a WMS is a great way to streamline the operations and be prepared for the next big disruption we all face.

In the September issue of Inbound Logisitcs, Gary Wollenhaupt discusses the 9 must-haves of any WMS:

  1. Architecture – the system should support flexibility and scalability – along with seasonality.
  2. Functionality – the system should optimize your day-to-day operations and provide a higher level of efficiency.
  3. Ease of Use – New users or temporary staff should be able to be added on the fly to handle seasonal surges.
  4. Integration – It should play well with others – ERP, TMS, OMS, etc.
  5. Scalability – warehouse management systems should have the ability to grow with the company.
  6. Labor and Management Planning – the system should have the ability to identify the best path for workers to find/pick. It may even offer industry guidelines for productivity.
  7. Comfort level – The system should provide the functionality and comfort level your company requires.
  8. Digitization – The warehouse management system can help digitize operations with electronic bill of ladings and signatures as well as support real-time business intelligence and analytics – which should be the 10th must-have on this list.
  9. Future Technology – Labor savings can be huge if your WMS can help your company to adopt emerging technologies like automated pallet building or autonomous vehicles.

If you’re in the market for a Warehouse Management System, Inbound Logistics has created a 4-page WMS Guide 2021 in their September 2021 with detailed descriptions about the various warehouse management systems available. Another option is to work with a 3PL partner who has the technology in place to help streamline your operations. KTI LTD is a family-owned and operated 3PL in Pulaski, VA, founded in 1995. Started as a transportation company, KTI LTD is an asset-based 3PL with multiple locations offering SQF-Certified warehouse space, food-grade plastic processing, and transportation services.

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Source: Inbound Logistics, September 2021 issue

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