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The Top 12 Distribution Center Metrics for the Modern Supply Chain

Metrics are critical to help you identify inefficiencies and address daily and peak challenges. The following are the top 12 Distribution Center metrics in the 2021 Warehousing Education and Research Council (http://www.werc.org) DC Measures:

1.Average warehouse capacity used (Best-in-class measure:  >= 92%)

2. Order picking accuracy

3. Peak warehouse capacity used

4. On-time shipments (Best-in-class measure: >=99.7%)

5. Percent of orders with on-time delivery

6. Shipped complete per customer order

7. Shipped damage free

8. Correct documentation

9. Dock-to-stock cycle time: (Best-in-class measure <2.144 hours)

10. On-time ready to ship

11. Percent of supplier orders received damage free*

11. Inventory count accuracy by location*

*indicates a tie

Source: http://www.yale.com

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