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How adidas quickly transformed their supply chain

Building a connected and agile supply chain which is robust enough to survive the ever-changing market is tough. It’s evolve or die. A few essential strategies which can help manufacturers build a competitive advantage are:

Optimize the supply chain

Respond to customer needs by offering product customization like Apple and Volkswagen

Respond to regulatory pressure using real-time data and automated audits

Let’s talk supply chain optimization. Forty-one percent of companies have already acquired or plan to acquire a supply chain automation technology within 12 months according to Raconteur. Think of your factory as the heart and the supply chain as its veins and arteries. Employees often have to bridge the gap manually between new applications and legacy systems using spreadsheets and emails. Free employees from these manual tasks by using a connected supply chain supported by automation. This also provides built-in adaptability and connectivity, which brings efficiency and agility.

Case Study from http://www.bizagi.com:

adidas transforms supply chain across 400 factories to reduce operations costs by 60%

The largest sportwear manufacturer in Europe, adidas, needed to connect their silos across multiple departments and factory sites to make their platform more efficient. By standardizing processes and making them reusable, they were able to deliver new workflows in just three days. These automated processes eliminated manual tasks and reduced operational costs, such as eliminating a million emails per year through system integration. They also halved factory onboarding time and sped up the two-month asset contract approval cycle to just one week. This resulted in:

50% reduced factory onboarding time and 87% faster contract approval cycle.

Source: http://www.bizagi.com

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