The New Supply Chain


Securing and Strengthening Your Supply Chain

The post-COVID supply chain is remarkably different from past years. Resiliency is now a key metric in designing a supply chain. Ninety-day inventory levels, automation, diversifying the supply base, leapfrogging, and positioning inventory closer to its final destination are a few of the strategies used to create a high-functioning yet resilient supply chain. Another strategy is the reliance on a 3PL provider.

A 3PL provider offers bundled services and technology solutions, adding value through visibility, flexibility, and customization for a strengthened supply chain. While cost-cutting is important, today’s supply chain needs expertise and strong relationships to survive. KTI LTD is a 3PL provider headquartered in Pulaski, VA, with multiple locations across the southeast and growing. Overflow and flexible warehouse storage, asset-based transportation, accurate inventory management and visibility through our WMS and TMS, cross-docking, ocean container unloading/loading/cross-dock, labeling, carrier scheduling, and order fulfillment are some of the services we provide.

See more here: https://www.ktiltd.com/test/warehouse-transportation-services

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