Is your supply chain vulnerable?

3 ways to easily protect your supply chain

Your supply chain may be optimized but is it vulnerable?

“With the rapid adoption of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT), the supply chain has many new entry points and attack surfaces for cybercriminals to infiltrate. Implementing these best practices help manufacturers continue to innovate, create new products and services, and increase profitability, while maintaining a competitive edge.” – Bindu Sundaresan, Inbound Logistics

Here are 3 suggestions from the Inbound Logisitcs‘ article “Best Practices to Protect Supply Chains”

  1. Establish collaboration and education across the organization – work with IT to discuss what makes the supply chain vulnerable and why security is important.
  2. Implement Zero Trust Principles – IoT devices in manufacturing are an attractive entry point into the network.
  3. Develop a shared responsibility model – In addition to your customers and employees understanding that their digital assets are targets for cyberattacks, your supply chain partners must be informed.

As a partner to many manufacturers, KTI has committed itself to creating a secure network and ensuring our customer’s supply chain is protected while still providing the visibility needed for optimization.

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