Partnering with a 3PL:

Why partnering with a 3PL improves the bottom line

Paying money to save money? It may not make sense that paying a 3PL provider can save money. However, the tasks which are outsourced to a 3PL may not always be done in the most cost-saving way in-house. 3PL providers are efficient at tasks involved in the supply chain – warehouse storage, fulfillment, inventory management, transportation, and shipping. These are a 3PL’s core competencies but these tasks are not yours. They’ve invested in the equipment, technology, education, and staff to efficiently handle these tasks. Most are part of a network of providers which can be beneficial through referrals, giving companies the ability to strategically place their products closer to their customers.

3PL providers have the ability to scale staff or warehouse storage to support your growth. With a shortage of warehouse space, the only option for many companies is to invest into expanding their own warehouse space. This may be more profitable in some situations, but most companies would prefer to invest that same capital into marketing or product development.

If you’re experiencing growth and would like to partner with a 3PL who can provide flexible and scalable storage solutions, asset-based transportation, and an experienced staff to maintain as well as transport or pick, pack, and ship your inventory, fill out our request a quote form here.

KTI LTD is a family-owned asset-based 3PL provider based in Pulaski, VA with multiple southeast locations and growing. We are part of multiple 3PL networks so if we can’t help you, we can find someone who can.

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