Warehouse Efficiency and Overflow Space

Warehouse Space

Maximizing efficiency with overflow warehouse space

Fluctuating market demand and “peak seasons” can often result in warehouses becoming overly crowded. Congestion results in less efficiency and productivity and increased safety hazards and frustration among warehouse workers. Misplaced product results in delayed shipments and mis-picks. Reaching storage capacity has substantial negative impacts on your bottom line. Effectively managing the inventory in your crowded warehouse becomes a challenge.

Warehouse management is a critical component in logistics and should be aligned to increase your day-to-day productivity. Finding a solution quickly so overcrowding doesn’t become an ongoing issue will get you back on track to profitability. Investments into more warehouse space is not always an option or the most profitable solution.

KTI offers Overflow Warehouse Space and will develop a custom solution for storing and handling your overflow inventory. We understand the fluid nature of your business and have the capacity to adapt quickly to your changing needs. Some of our services include online inventory tracking, barcode labeling, EDI capabilities, cycle counting, and the creation of shipment documents. Let us become your designated overflow warehouse so you can maximize efficiency in yours.

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