Five signs it may be time to outsource

Warehouse Space

Outsourcing to a 3PL can improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, and essentially your bottom line

Increased demand from your customer is a great problem to have. However, if you weren’t ready for that increase, it can result in a decrease in customer satisfaction, frustration, and waste.

It doesn’t always make sense to outsource, it may just be a matter of reviewing the processes and making improvements. But here are a few good indicators that outsourcing could help significantly:

  1. Crowded warehouse – Narrow aisles, unorganized and loose pallets, buried product. This leads to inefficiency and can also result in employee injury and frustration.
  2. Declining customer satisfaction – Late orders, wrong shipments, damaged shipments. This can result in your best customer finding another supplier.
  3. Lost inventory – Manual tracking, input errors, mislabeling. Lost inventory is lost money and time.
  4. Increased costs of doing business – Example: freight costs. This has a significant impact on the bottom line.
  5. Focus – Your management team who was responsible for growing your business is now focused on these tasks which could easily be outsourced. In addition, many of the former issues may not exist if management had the time to oversee – such as renegotiating freight rates or ensuring the proper processes are being adhered to in inventory management.

If some or all of these are all too familiar, it’s suggested that you consider outsourcing these tasks to a 3PL. This will allow you to refocus on growing your business and you will be able to leverage the expertise of a 3PL who has invested in the processes and technology needed for accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

KTI LTD is a family-owned, asset-based 3PL provider headquartered in Virginia with multiple southeast locations and growing. We offer flexible and scalable solutions for manufacturers to meet the current demand their facing without having to invest capital into infrastructure.

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