Creating Efficiency In Your Warehouse Processes

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Optimizing Your Warehouse Processes

The rise of e-commerce and globalization has resulted in a growth in the warehouse industry and a trend of outsourcing warehouse services.

Warehouse processes consist of:


In order for a warehouse to be streamlined, have reduced cost and errors, and achieve a high rate of order accuracy, these six processes must be optimized.

Receiving-the most crucial warehouse process as this involves the transfer of responsibility. Therefore, it is extremely important for the received goods to be inspected and counted immediately so any discrepancies can be addressed before the items move on to the next step.
In order to receive product more efficiently, consider using power pallet trucks and conveyors and labor management systems to properly allocate personnel needs and avoid accumulation at the receiving docks.

Put-away-the movement of goods from the dock to an optimal storage area. Choose an ideal location that doesn’t result in less productivity but also maximizes warehouse space utilization. Consider using space management systems or put-away devices which direct employees to the right location for the item’s storage.

Storage-When goods are stored in their ideal locations, labor efficiency is increased. Slotting optimization and warehouse storage systems will account for facility size and product mix, allowing you to maximize your horizontal and vertical spaces.

Picking-the process in which customer orders are filled. This is a costly process so optimizing picking can greatly reduce your costs and increase efficiency. Order accuracy is key to keep customers satisfied. Technology such as wearables will allow employees to view pick lists wirelessly and scan from anywhere in the warehouse.

Packing-Preparing all picked items for shipment is the packing process. One of the main concerns in packing is minimizing damage while controlling packaging costs. Packing system software can help in determining the amount of material to keep the item safe but costs low.

Shipping-the final process. If the right goods are delivered undamaged to the right customer and on time, it’s a win. In order for a win to be achieved, each process must be optimized, or the orders will not arrive safely or timely-or at all.

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