Going Vertical For Warehouse Space

Warehouse Space

How a Mezzanine and Vertical Lift Can Improve The Efficiency in Your Warehouse Space

The demand for warehouse space has hit record highs in 2021, driven by e-commerce and the reshoring of US manufacturing. Companies are mitigating risk after realizing long supply chains are more likely to experience disruptions and unpredictable costs. But with this demand comes a shortage. Companies may not want to invest their capital into real estate vs. core competencies. One option is to go up! Yes, get vertical. Think mezzanines and vertical lifts.

A mezzanine doesn’t extend over the whole floor space but can provide storage space, freeing up storage space below. A vertical reciprocating conveyor lift can be used to move the product to the other levels of the building. This prevents employees from spending time and effort on moving the product between levels themselves.

If your space isn’t organized and free flowing, it isn’t efficient.

Mezzanines are more affordable than expanding the warehouse. They are easily installed, offer flexibility for changing business needs.

Another option is to work with a 3PL who can provide overflow warehouse space during special projects or peak seasons. KTI Ltd offers flexible storage solutions for manufacturers of many types, including food production, automotive, consumer goods, and more. Our warehouse space is SQF-certified and we offer asset-based transportation as well as food-grade plastic processing. Request a quote here: https://www.ktiltd.com/test

Source: Maximizing Unused Vertical Space with a Vertical Lift and Mezzanine Is the Key to Better Productivity and Safety – Inbound Logistics

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