The Benefits of a FTZ Warehouse

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How an FTZ warehouse can help your supply chain and bottom line

Utilizing an FTZ can significantly reduce costs from customs duties, taxes and tariffs; improve global market competitiveness; and minimize bureaucratic regulations.1

Some of the benefits include:

  1. Deferral, reduction, or elimination of certain duties
  2. Relief from inverted tariffs
  3. Duty exemption on re-exports
  4. Duty elimination on waste, scrap, and yield loss
  5. Weekly entry savings
  6. Improved compliance, inventory tracking, and quality control
  7. Indefinite storage
  8. Waived customs duties on zone-to-zone transfer

From large manufacturers to individuals, any size importer or exporter can take advantage of a foreign-trade zone (FTZ). However, many companies are unaware of the sizeable cost savings and other benefits they can achieve by taking advantage of an FTZ program.1

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1. Inbound Logistics

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