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Implementing BADA – Buy Anywhere, Deliver Anywhere Capabilities to increase customer satisfaction

COVID-19 triggered a turning point in the digital and e-commerce segments. This led to retailers competing on delivery time. How do retailers compete in this new arena?

Offering BADA service is one method – the Buy Anywhere, Deliver Anywhere model. This allows organizations to offer the services that meet the demand. However, there are challenges which come from offering BADA service. While COVID-19 created the demand, it also impacted the supply chain that comes with the demand: material shortages, transportation issues, and tariff issues, to name a few. Inventory which is a considerable distance away from the closest DC or inventory which is high-value presents additional hurdles.

To implement the BADA model, inventory visibility is key. The products must be tracked through the supply chain. Inventory can then be positioned closer to customers, driving revenue. This includes visibility at the store level, which helps organizations to know at all times what items are available in proximity and how those products can be routed quickly to the customer. Innovative technology helps to provide business intelligence on consumer buying behavior.

Retailers who are utilizing these tools are able to serve the customer in this new marketplace.

This demand is creating change in all areas of the supply chain. If you’re looking for a 3PL partner to meet this demand, KTI LTD is a 3PL provider with four locations in the southeast and growing. We provide flexible and scalable storage solutions as well as asset-based transportation.

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