Asset-Based vs Non-Asset Based 3PL Provider


Choosing a 3PL Partner: Does Asset-Based Matter?

All logistics providers have the same goal: increase overall efficiency for clients while reducing costs. The way the providers conduct the supply chain functions and achieve efficiency is different based on if the company is asset-based or non-asset based.

Asset-based logistics providers can offer complete supply chain solutions since both warehousing and transportation are done in-house. This also allows for increased control, continuity, and communication.

Asset-based 3PLs have invested in the long-term operation of their company which provides stability as well as the ability to expand their network for clients if needed. Asset-based 3PLs can grow along with their clients more easily.

Non-asset-based logistics outsource responsibilities which results in more hands involved in storing and moving goods and less control. There are more opportunities for errors. This does not mean there will be more errors because these companies have the same goal as asset-based. Non-asset-based providers have a network of providers which allows them to assess the needs on a case-by-case basis. But costs will be based on successful negotiations with their network providers. And the quality of work is left to multiple outsourced vendors which can increase the risk of error.

KTI LTD is an asset-based transportation and warehouse provider with three southeast locations. Our dedicated capacity solutions provide all the benefits of your own private fleet without the challenges. You will have a team of drivers and management with a fleet of high-quality equipment at your disposal. Scheduled or “on-demand”, we will handle it from start to finish so you can concentrate on your core business. We provide scalable solutions so whether you’re increasing your market share or diversifying your customer base, we stand ready by your path to growth.

We can customize a logistics structure that is agile and scalable based on your industry’s unique fluctuations.

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