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Food-Grade Warehousing Standards and How It Improves Quality

In the world of warehousing, SQF means Safe Quality Food. SQF certification is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, which is a mark of the highest food safety standards. GFSI was created in 2000 to address a rising concern of food safety issues. Approximately 1 in 10 people around the world fall ill to contaminated food products each year.

GFSI recognizes certificate programs, such as SQF, which meet its proposed benchmarks. The SQF program was developed in Australia in 1994 and has been owned and managed by the Food Marketing Institute since 2003. It has been recognized by GFSI since 2004. A warehouse with SQF-certification is a great sign because the facility is held to strict standards and third-party audits. The process to become certified is meticulous, comprehensive, and ongoing – meaning the standards have to be maintained once met.

A few of the principles of the program are hazard analysis, CCP identification, establishing critical limits, monitoring procedures, corrective action, verification procedures, and record-keeping and documentation.

KTI LTD has several SQF-certified, food-grade warehouses in the southeast. We provide flexible storage for manufacturers as well as asset-based transportation and food-grade plastics processing. Visit our website for more information, https://www.ktiltd.com/test or call us for a customized quote: (540) 750-0081, (540) 994-9899.

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