Who We Are

KTI LTD on Vimeo.

KTI makes long term partners by making logistics easy, better, and more cost effective. We’re a logistics partnership company. Starting in 1995 in Pennsylvania, the Head Honcho (aka KTI’s President) Leland King started KTI as a part-time business. After Leland graduated YEARS ago, he started driving over the road for a trucking company. Then he got a job as an Industrial Engineer. Fast forward to 1995, the trucking bug bit again. From 1995 to today, lots has happened. First, the headquarters moved from Pennsylvania to Pulaski, Virginia; and second, the company became a full-time business. Finally, KTI started doing a lot more than just trucking.

Principles & Values

  • Family Owned and Operated. If there’s one thing we’re most proud about, it’s the fact that this is a family business. And we treat our partners like family.
  • Asset Based. We own our trucks, outright. We also use our trucks for each pickup and delivery. We also own our trailers.
  • Partnerships are our Business.  You’re not a customer, You’re a Partner. We’re not a trucking company, We’re your Logistics Partner. We just happen to own a few trucks.

Operations: How we Provide Top of the Line Service at Affordable Rates

Everything we do goes back to lowering costs. We have a shop and do all the maintenance on our trucks to reduce costs. We’re located in a small town to reduce the rent, taxes, and license costs.