Cross Docking in Southwest Virginia

Regardless of whether you’re looking to cross dock food grade commodities or general commodities, KTI can help. KTI’s public warehouse offers cross docking at affordable rates, quick turnarounds, and a number of docks for simple or complex cross docking needs.

Cross docking along I-81 or I-77 in Southwest Virginia or Eastern Tennessee, there’s no better place than KTI. We can handle all types of commodities including food grade at our AIB certified food grade warehouse. KTI can cross dock slip-sheet pallets, standard pallets, and unconventionally packed commodities.

Advantages of Cross Docking:

  • LTL consolidation
  • Reducing Handling costs, operations cost
  • Reduces or Eliminates storage costs
  • Faster Shipping Transit times

If you have any questions or need help cross docking, give Adam at KTI a call Today! at 540-307-4281 or 540-994-9899