KTI LTD is an asset-based transportation and logistics company that focuses on providing its customers with first class service. The company is an S corporation incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1995. Over its 20 years of experience in this industry, KTI LTD has developed the skills and capabilities of meeting strict and demanding customer requirements. It has established a positive reputation with its customers, suppliers, personnel, and community. The team atmosphere has allowed the development of a unique management structure that has been proven very effective over the life of the company.

KTI trucksKTI’s mission is to establish and focus on a select group of customers for whom we can provide premium services and reliability. Our business model supports this mission by outlining a process of operation that has been proven effective over our 20 years of experience. This model lays ground for a business strategy that allows us to focus on being the highest rated transportation and logistics supplier for each of our customers. We intend to expand our group of customers while maintaining a high volume/customer ratio for our industry.

Having a high volume/customer ratio makes each of our customers extremely important to the sustainability of the company requiring us to maintain an exceptional level of service. Both our strategy and business model support innovation that is unique to the industry as a result of this mission. By establishing a small group of customers that seek a high level of service, KTI LTD is very selective in choosing customers of high quality in their specific industries. These quality customers result in providing KTI LTD with the strong, long-term financial stability necessary for profit growth, maintaining quality, and sustainability in this industry.