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A New Use for Tablets: KTI Leading the Way

KTI LTD finished installing a new fleet monitoring solution from XATA that will reduce costs and reduce KTI’s carbon footprint over the next few years. In addition to the green impact, the overall safety of KTI’s fleet will continue to increase as truck maintenance issues are resolved faster. XATA provides fault codes from the truck in near real time assisting KTI’s shop in fixing maintenance problems before those problems become big issues.

XATA Turnpike uses cell towers to communicate vital data about the truck and driver performance in real time. Most companies use Cell Phones with the XATA turnpike solution. KTI took a different route after considering the many benefits of a tablet PC. Using low cost tablets, KTI has been among the first, if not the first, in using tablets in trucking. Tablets offer the two way communication, better GPS, and a higher quality camera at a lower cost than using smart phones. By partnering with Verizon Wireless to get the tablets at such an affordable rate, KTI has already begun to see the positive impacts of the tablets across the company.

With the use of tablets, KTI is considered to be on the front lines of innovation based on the use cellphones in all other trucking companies for fleet management. The tablets are able to transmit data about the truck and driver performance using the XATA plug-in and Verizon Wireless Network. The tablet connects using bluetooth (a popular cellphone technology) to the XATA plug-in which is connected to the truck’s on-board computer. Speed, hardbrakes, equipment issues, etc are all sent to the tablet then to the Internet where KTI monitors it’s entire fleet.

With the success of tablets in the truck, KTI has already begun testing tablet use in the warehouse to reduce quality problems and increase communication with customers. So far, KTI has seen a business case for tablets in the warehouse as well and plans on introducing tablets to the warehouse operation at some point.

Tablets are just another example of KTI’s commitment to quality and it’s quest to be on the front lines of innovation in the logistics industry.